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American style

Food Truck

Logs design

Compact Liner

Retro Liner

Vintage Design

Street Food 2016

Street food 2017

Street food 2018

3 meter version

3.5 meter version

4 meter version

4.5 meter version

5 meter version

6 meter version

7 meter version

Egyedi Árusító pavilonok, faházak​

Egyedi kivitelezések

Cuccaink bevetésen

Food trailer conversion


Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 8.00 - 16:30
Saturday: At a pre-arranged time
Sundays and holidays: Closed

To check out the vehicles, please ALWAYS make an appointment beforehand!!!

Please call during the above listed opening hours, because our line is only open in those intervals!!!


Imbiss Factory

CEO: Tamás Nagy

Mobile: +36-30-694-3507