Food trailers rental

Büfékocsi bérbeadásAs a unique option in Hungary we rent new, or few months old food trailers for long periods, or even a day, which are also available for purchase after the rental period!

The mobile units are in accordance with official regulations throughout Europe. They are easily towable with cars, B-type licenses and are ready for work right away!

The cars come with full furniture, electric mains, electric shock protection, double sinks, lavatories as well as hot & cold water.

  • For rental in Hungary 1 months’ worth of caution money, a bondsman, and personal documents are necessary.
  • For foreign rental the caution money is at least 1.000,- EUR, which is subject to change based on the distance from our premises! (We can help in administration in case of work in Germany!)


  • In Hungary: 80.000,- / month
  • Abroad: 400,- EUR / month
  • Daily prices: 20.000,- Ft / day, rent for 3 days or above: 15000,- Ft / day
  • Towing vehicle rental prices: In Hungary: 15.000,- Ft / day, 200.000,- Ft / month, and 2 months’ worth of caution money

If needed, we provide transportation to location, or provide rentable towing vehicles!

Transportation prices:

  • In Hungary: 250,- Ft / Km, other incidental expenses include: necessary freeway tickets, and one transportation personnel’s payment: 2500,- Ft / hour
  • Abroad: 280,- Ft / Km, plus the incidental expenses mentioned above
  • We provide reduced prices for whole season rentals and prepaid deals!

Based on our capacity we may help our renters with one or two appliances apart from the basic facilities. E.g.: fridge, deep freeze, cooker, microwave oven, deep hot fryer, etc.

During the summer season, rentals are carried out based on the email applications made in advance!!!

We reserve the right of rental! The prices listed above are mainly for informative purposes, for unique offers please contact us!

The prices listed above do not contain VAT!


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Please call us in the intervals listed above, the phone line is only open during those hours!!!

Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 8.00 - 16:30
Saturday: At a pre-arranged time
Sundays and holidays: Closed

To check out the vehicles, please ALWAYS make an appointment beforehand!!!

Please call during the above listed opening hours, because our line is only open in those intervals!!!


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